About Ottobib

OttoBib was created by Jonathan Otto in 2006 and his brother Nick started helping in 2012.

The Idea

The idea for this site came from Seth Godin's blog post about "Stuck Systems".

Seth outlined 2 requirements:

  1. A bibliography based on looking up the data online.
  2. Webpage that would allow the reader/teacher to see the books, their covers, links to Amazon or other online references.


What is an ISBN? - The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN (sometimes pronounced "is-ben"), is a unique identifier for books. (Wikipedia.org)

Accessing OttoBib via URLs

As of January 2007 you can lookup individual citations. I encourage other websites to incorporate this feature.

http://www.ottobib.com/isbn/0195117972 for MLA, APA, Chicago, BibTeX and Wikipedia.






Support OttoBib

Tell others about OttoBib if you found it useful, otherwise email me: jonathan.otto@gmail.com with ideas on how to improve it.